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We reserve the right to charge a deposit on the equipment that you Rent. Rarely does that happen, it only will happen if your information does not match up. We require payment for the Rental in full by credit card. We require a contract to be signed before equipment has been shipped out. We will only accept payment by check from large companies with approved credit. We do not permit any type of stickers or tape to be put on our Rental Equipment. Any equipment that is Rented from our company must be returned on the date that the contract states, or we must be informed if you want to extend the Rental. Please treat our equipment with respect and care, we look forward to having you as a customer. If you have any questions on any of these terms please contact us to discuss further.

Please make sure that all rental equipment is returned in the condition that you received it in. We reserve the right to charge for any damages incurred while the equipment was in your care. We understand that rental equipment will be subject to normal ware and tare, however we will have to hold customers responsible if equipment is mistreated. We have the right under our contract to charge if rental equipment is damaged. We will only charge for damages if they are severe enough to devalue our rental equipment. When you receive the equipment please check it over thoroughly to make sure that it is not damaged. If you receive rental equipment that is damaged please report it to us immediately so we can research the issue. By reporting it to us properly it protects you (the customer) from being held responsible for any issues concerning damages. Thanks for taking the time to read this important paragraph on our rental terms. We value and look forward to you business. Every rental customer is important to us.

Software Installation on Laptop Rental Units.

Customers are permitted to install any software that they need for the use of our Laptops. When the Rental units are returned we restore the equipment back to the original factory settings in which it was purchased in. We are also not responsible for any software that use in association with our Laptops. Please call us for assistance if you should run into to any compatibility issues with the Laptops you Rent from us.

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