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Our Rental shipping process is very simple. Here is how it works we ship you the equipment by UPS or Fedex. Inside the box there will be a return shipping label. When you are done with the rental use the same box the equipment arrived in, remove the previous shipping label, and attach the new label to the box. Please pack the equipment the same way in the box that it arrived to you. Finally make arrangements with the shipping company ( UPS, or Fedex ) to pick the package. The return label will clearly state which shipping company we chose.

Fast And Accurate Shipping Anywhere In The US ! 
We provide great service, and we care about your needs.

bulletOvernight shipping anywhere in the US.                                        LCD Projector Rental
bulletGreat shipping prices.                                                                 Laptop Rental
bulletTracking information provided.                                                      Plasma TV Rental
bulletMaking sure your Rental equipment is on time.                             Notebook Rental


Region Standard Overnight Priority Overnight First Overnight Saturday Delivery
Eastern US 60.00 70.00 130.00 65.00
Central US 70.00 80.00 140.00 75.00
Western US 80.00 90.00 150.00 85.00
HI, AL Call Call Call Call

* These prices do not include plasma display rentals.

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Packaging Rental Equipment For Return. (please read)

When getting ready to return our Rental equipment, please make sure to package the equipment safely and securely in the carton provided. Our equipment is valuable and needs to be treated that way. Customers are liable if the Rental Equipment is damaged in shipping unless it was damaged due to improper packing. Failure to  package properly can lead to a damaged unit, in which case the customer would be liable for the damage.

When shipping back laptop rentals please make sure to pack them back how they came. They can only be packed standing up right in the box if they are two units per box. When there are two laptop rental units per box they can not be laid down on top of each other or stacked. If they are it can cause the screen to get cracked on the bottom unit supporting all of the weight. When only one laptop rental is present in a single box you can lay the unit down in the box, covered in the packing material. Please adhere to these instructions. Customers are not responsible for damaged equipment. However if the damage to our rental equipment was caused by failure to package properly you (the customer) will be charged for damages in that situation.

We will deliver your rental equipment on time. We have great packaging for our rental equipment. When reserving a rental with the quantity of more than one, please call us to find out the shipping cost. We discount shipping on rentals with multiple units. We can ship your rental equipment all over the United States. We have generally use Fedex or UPS for all of our shipping. Inside the rental box there will be a return shipping label from the company we chose to ship with. Please do not lose or misplace this label. We monitor the tracking of all of our rental packages.


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